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RTCC Technology Innovation presented at IACP 2022, Dallas Texas

I would like to start off by thanking the IACP and Dallas Police Department for an excellent event and return to in person conferences. Having the opportunity to walk the show floor and meet with vendors in person was extremely important and beneficial to attendees this year. I spent three days walking the floor and learned about some new products from existing vendors, and discovering some cool new Technology released over the past few years when we were unable to meet in person.

Axon built and impressive and immersive space experience for their moonshot, reducing Officer / citizen shootings by 50%. Axon products continue to innovate and lead the industry with their Taser and body camera systems. Axons goal of reducing officer involved shootings is not only realistic, but one we should all strive to meet. Taser continues to innovate and improve their system, providing officers with options other than deadly force in certain circumstances. The live streaming, GPS and improved picture resolution of the Body-3 cameras is truly impressive and will lead to increased officer safety in the field. Auto -Transcription in will allow officers to write more detailed reports and capture accurate quotes from those we interview. While not yet ready for mainstream, the concepts behind the taser-drone were both compelling and thought provoking, Looking forward to seeing how the company builds upon early research. I was also impressed to learn how Axon is starting to work well with others in the industry including FARO, FUSUS, and Flock Public Safety to make diverse systems work together.

FUSUS was by far the innovation winner for this year. Since their launch, the company has continued to innovate and partner with law enforcement solution providers to provide a well designed single pane of glass solution for Real Time Crime Centers. The FUSUS platform has quickly become one of the keystone platforms for a successful crime center. This single platform extracts and unifies live video, data and sensor feeds from virtually any source, enhancing situational awareness for officers on the ground and supervisors on critical incidents. This years IACP launch of the FUSUS camera, Incident management, and video calling platform only goes to further enhance an already impressive product.

The FINDER Software Solutions platform is one that has been around in Florida for a few years as part of the states original efforts for agency to agency data sharing. Now under new ownership, this platform has expanded nationwide and is providing a single platform for facilitating data sharing across agencies to improve investigations. FINDER allows agencies to share data across different CAD, RMS, and other digital databases, allowing investigators to look at reports from across the county or across the country. I am looking forward to seeing how the announced integration with FUSUS will facilitate real time investigations.

Gridless showed off an array of their Gridless Sentry solutions including their solar solution for CCTV camera. This product features a cloud connected, solar powered endpoint for CCTV cameras, enabling the deployment of camera in areas where traditional connections are not available. The compact design and powerful battery solutions, makes this product one to look at for agencies deploying CCTV systems for Real Time Crime Centers.

Motorola Solutions / Vigilant L6Q LPR is poised to be a game changer in the LPR industry. The L6Q is a small, lightweight LPR system that can be battery, solar, or hardwired for power. The system has been teased for the past year, but seeing it in action in this years tests was impressive. If Motorola can make good on their statements, the L6Q stands to shake up the LPR industry for low speed, quick and easy solutions for agencies to deploy.

Looking to build a Real Time Crime Center or purchase Law Enforcement Technology, visit Law Enforcement Technology Consultant's Technology Forums for real time questions and answers to your technology challenges.

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