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Launching a new product into the Law Enforcement product space can be a daunting challenge. Your product has to work right the first time and meet the expectations of the law enforcement user. There are plenty of excellent technology products in the Law Enforcement space, and just as many true failures.

LETC features a team of experienced technology implementers. We have reviewed all types of specialty technology from gunshot detection, LPR, in car video, body cameras, video management systems, to CAD and RMS systems.


As experienced law enforcement officers we can evaluate your product for ease of use, functionality, and design providing feedback along the way.  

We have found many manufacturers simply don't understand how law enforcement will use their product in the real world, and fail to design for the end user.

Contact us to discuss how LETC can help with your product design and development. 


LE Technology Forum

The LE Tech Forum is a First Responder, Members Only Technology Forum. Join Today.

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