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Law Enforcement Software solutions are among the most difficult aspects of a technology program to evaluate and implement. There is not a lot of money in developing software only for law enforcement use. Software designers often try to convert an off the shelf product to fit the needs of an agency or develop a custom product based on the requirements of one agency and then sell it as is to other partners.

Software training is often the second failure of LE software implementations. Often solution providers will give sell you the software, but leave it up to you to learn how to use and implement the solution for your agency. The oft repeated excuse is the solution provider does not want to tell you “how to run your agency”. The simpler answer is that the solution provider does not understand how law enforcement uses software to aid investigations an does not understand the value or lack there of for the product.

LETC will help you evaluate your software options vetted against your agency expectations to buy the best solution for your agency and budget needs.



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