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The planning for and deployment of a Real Time Crime Center, Strategic Decision Support Center, or Strategic Intelligence Center (STIC) project has many considerations. These include next generation technologies, network engineering, operations, budgeting, purchasing and requests for proposal (RFP), best-fit staffing, program policy and procedures, legislation and privacy, systems integration, and support.

LETC, together with your team, will design a comprehensive project plan for the creation of your Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) or related variations; Decision Support Center (DCC), Real Time Intelligence Center (RTIC) and Real Time Operations Center (RTOC).

Our project team will discuss your agency’s operational goals for your Crime Center and evaluate your current LE technology, CAD/ RMS Systems, system integration, and Information Technology infrastructure.

Our design will consider current and emerging technology in the areas of video technology, video analytics and artificial intelligence, gunshot detection, facial recognition, license plate readers, crime gun intelligence, and system integration.

LETC, will identify the functional requirements of the crime center, which will serve as the foundation of a vendor scope of work, and identify the qualifications necessary for the right vendor(s) to successfully complete the implementation. We will work with your purchasing department to identify established contracts, design a Request for Proposal (RFP), or obtain sole-source agreements to meet the various requirements of your crime center project.

The resulting design includes internal and external integration and identifies the analytical tools necessary to receive the most value from the investment.



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