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Law Enforcement Technology Consulting 

Leverage our experience to build your project right the first time.

Real Time Crime Centers Development
Gunshot Detection
License Plate Readers (ALPR)
CCTV System Development
Digital Forensics & Digital Evidence Management
Body Cameras & In Car Video
5G Technology 
Software Selection
UAS Systems 
RFP Writing and Development
Bid Leveling and Evaluation
Technology Policy Development



Law Enforcement Technology Consulting  works with law enforcement agencies seeking to develop robust, modern technology programs.  LETC focuses on defining agency needs, developing technology deployment plans, developing RFP's,  helping select experienced vendors and reliable and real world proven technology platforms to successfully implement you technology program.

LETC enables  law enforcement agencies to rapidly evaluate emerging technology to reduce implementation timelines and transition from idea to live technology programs in the shortest timeline possible.


Law enforcement technology is rapidly evolving into a complex and interdependent operating environment of multiple software and hardware suites being operated in operate in unison to solve crime. New technology is being introduced daily and creates challenges to an agency to keep on top of cutting edge advancements.

LETC can help agencies investigate, purchase and implement and train on cutting edge technology and significantly cut the time from concept to go live. 

Design and Consulting services include:

Technology selection

Specifications and plans

RFP development

Bid leveling 

Project oversight 

Quality assurance / acceptance

 User Requirements

Site Surveys

System Documentation

Policy development based on best law enforcement practices


Remote project management 


Training RTCC staff on how to make all of your new systems work together as a force multiplier to solve crime.


Our team has real world design, purchasing, implementation, and training experience with the advancing technology Real Time Crime Centers including;

  • video surveillance

  • license plate recognition

  • gunshot detection

  • drone programs and detection systems

  • AI video analytics

  • facial recognition systems

  • geospatial crime analysis

  • social media analytics

  • body worn and in car camera systems

  • crime gun intelligence

  • 3D crime scene mapping

  • interlinked database systems

  • virtual reality crime scene modeling

  • and data driven policing.

ai for crime analysis.jpg

LETC does not sell technology and we are not an integrator.  Our goal is to help you design, build and implement an advanced technology program that is transparent to your community and works the first time.

Anyone who has tried to implement law-enforcement based technology can tell you about their one hundred thousand dollar mistake. Let LETC help you avoid mistakes and avoid a story of your own.

Most technology sold to law enforcement is a commercial product being altered to appeal to law enforcement clients without a through understanding of how law enforcement will use or needs to use the technology solution. LETC can help you avoid the pitfalls of poor technology  implementation while helping you build a system that will be a force multiplier for your agency. 

LETC can work with your established vendors or help you put together a team of technology providers with the experience to make your project a success.

LETC is comprised of a team experts in the design, implementation, and deployment of law enforcement technology projects, real time crime centers, and intelligence programs.

LETC will help you to design a effective, transparent, legal, and ethical technology program, respecting the privacy rights of the communities we serve while designing systems that will have a true impact on crime reduction. Our team is made up of current and former public safety experts who have designed, built and deployed law enforcement technology projects across the country.


LETC will help you design your project, write effective and comprehensive RFP and purchasing documents, help evaluate vendors and proposed solutions, develop project implementation timelines and milestones, help select staff for your real time crime center program, and help you learn how to use your technology to actually solve crime, create actionable intelligence, create criminal investigative leads, and break down silos within your agency to improve information sharing across your organization. .


Law Enforcement Technology Forum 

The Technology Forum is a members only resource for asking questions and offering advise on technology for Law Enforcement. 

These technologies include Body Cameras, ALPR, CCTV, CAD/ RMS, Gunshot Detection, 5G Technology and more.

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